Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Eating Out and About #10 An Evening at Chambers in Globe Village

When we visit London we always stay in Mile End, and as we drive home we pass through a lovely little place (unofficially) called Globe Village. We always look at the wonderful eateries and say ‘we must come to eat here next time’.

It’s taken us quite a few visits to finally get round to it, but this time we strolled through Victoria Park and had a drink at The Lauriston whilst we decided which place was taking our fancy for a bite to eat.

We had been at a Greek wedding the day before so it seemed only right we ate at Chambers, a Greek Mediterranean restaurant.

The weather was fabulous and so the restaurant was all opened up and it felt as if we were actually on holiday in a family-run, Greek taverna.

I am a sucker for Tzatziki so when I saw it on the menu served with pitta, that was me sorted, and Kingsley went for his usual Calamari, which he announced as the best calamari he had ever had! That’s quite some claim; he has calamari every time we eat out (which as you know, is quite a lot!).

There was so much choice for mains; I had to do my usual last minute decision making as Kingsley ordered his. I chose Chicken Penne which was chargrilled chicken with a creamy mushroom & basil sauce, topped with melted mozzarella; lots and lots of melted mozzarella, much to my delight. However, the dish was so big I only got halfway through! That’s not like me at all. But being a friendly place, they didn’t mind me asking for a doggy-bag so I could take it home for lunch the next day!

Kingsley had the Chicken Shnitzel, which was gorgeous; I know because he dished me up a forkful slathered in melted garlic butter as a swapsy for a forkful of mine.

We loved the food, we loved the friendly ambience of the place (very similar to Gianni’s for those of you from round my neck of the woods), and we are glad we finally made it to Globe Village. There are some lovely eateries round there, and so we will definitely be going back to try some more of them out.

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