Sunday, 20 September 2015

Coffee Break #17 The Cutest Hot Chocolate at The Meadow Cafe

Today we had lunch out with a difference; not because of the food or where we went, but because we had a little person in tow.

We were on Aunty and Uncle duty today and rather than cooking up lunch at our boring home with absolutely no toys, no kids TV channels and all those other necessities to keep a three year old entertained, we decided to go out for a treat.

We chose The Meadow Café which backs onto Cox’s Meadow; we thought that big open space might come in handy for tiring out the little person!

Unfortunately when we arrived it was just after a busy lunch time rush so they’d run out of a few things, but they do have quite a few sarnies and panini’s on the menu so we didn’t exactly struggle to choose something each.

Kingsley had a Chicken, Chorizo and Mozzarella Panini and I chose Goats Cheese and Caramelised Red Onion Chutney Panini, both served with vegetable crisps. I can’t really elaborate, they were your normal panini’s, but what I do want to shout about is the little person’s order.

I ordered her a ham sandwich. I was pretty sure that children eat plain and simple things like ham sandwiches – and I was right. But that was secondary to her chosen tipple! She insisted on having a hot chocolate, she’d been talking about hot chocolate all morning. And this wasn’t just any old hot chocolate, this was a Children’s Create your own Hot Chocolate: A mini cup of warm milk served with a pot of hot chocolate beans and marshmallows on the side. Her eyes lit-up when it was placed in front of her. She didn’t quite grasp that all the elements were all to be mixed together, but that didn’t matter. She ate every single hot chocolate bean with her fingers, wolfed down the marshmallows and then supped on her warm milk like a proper little lady.

Today taught me that we take our peaceful and uninterrupted meals out for granted. The slice of cucumber and tomato placed next to her ham sandwich were not appreciated and I shortly found them resting next to my panini without asking for them, I also inherited an extra sachet of mayonnaise as that too was unwanted; our conversation consisted of Peppa Pig and the promise of an ice cream after lunch and I even got the pleasure of a toilet-break halfway through my panini only to realise that three year olds don’t wipe their own bums!

There are lots of upsides to lunch with a little person too; like strolling through the park in the sunshine, picking daisies and rolling down the hill like a silly sausage. As you can imagine, it’s not very often that Kingsley and I get to roll down hills like a ‘silly sausage’.     

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