Monday, 17 August 2015

Something a Bit Special #3 Too Much Gin and Nothing To Eat at Borough Market

I must start by saying that the title of this blog post is by no means discrediting Borough Market. You see, it’ all my fault: I had been at a fabulous wedding the night before where I drank way too much gin and I felt a bit sorry for myself the next day, so sorry in fact, that I couldn’t eat until 4pm when we happened to be on the other side of London.

Borough Market is a famous food market in the Southwark area of London. Before our visit, I was so looking forward to having a feast, but other than my snaps, I couldn’t fully partake in the flavours of Borough Market. But do not fear, Kingsley held the fort and stood in an extremely long queue for a Salt Beef Beigel from Nana Fanny’s. The salt beef recipe is a family secret and makes for beef as soft as butter.

If you like food, a visit to Borough Market is a no-brainer, but be prepared for big crowds because it’s a very popular place! As for me, the next time I visit I will most definitely not be drinking the day before!

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