Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Coffee Break #16 An Alfresco Breakfast at Gusto

Don’t you just love the European café culture you experience on holiday? Supping on a coffee whilst watching the world go by, with no pressures on time; that’s an idyllic morning for me.

Sitting outside at Gusto in Montpellier, Cheltenham, transported me to Europe. Okay, so the weather was dodgy to say the least, but the relaxed and sleepy feel to Cheltenham on a Sunday morning was similar to that of being on holiday.

I had been craving a pastry for breakfast all week, so when I saw Warm Ham and Cheese Croissant on the menu I got a bit excited, only for the waiter to tell me that they don’t have any pastries because they get baked locally and delivered fresh everyday – but not on a Sunday. Damn it. But knowing they are baked fresh, I’ll have to make it my mission to visit for a pastry one morning in the week.

I settled on the Brioche roll with Sausage served with a Fried Egg & Tomato Chutney and a latte to wash it down. Best breakfast roll I’ve had in a long time. The tomato chutney was a lovely touch, especially with the brioche roll, bringing a very subtle sweetness to my breakfast. Top marks for the perfect fried egg too: Runny enough, but not messy! No ones like a messy breakfast roll – not in public, anyhow!

Kingsley went all posh and had Smoked Salmon, Poached Eggs & Avocado on Homemade Hash Brown with Hollandaise. He kept going on about how good the hash brown was, knowing I wouldn’t ask for a bite because of the salmon – what a meanie.

As we left Gusto, the heavens opened, so we were incredibly lucky to have an alfresco breakfast! Now to find a free morning to go back for a pastry…

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