Sunday, 2 August 2015

Coffee Break #15 Anniversary Breakfast at The County Kitchen

The parents celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary this week, so to celebrate I treated them to breakfast at one of the newer places in town – The County Kitchen.

I had a jam-packed day planned, so we were in there first thing on Saturday morning and received a very warm welcome from Richard, the owner. We also briefly chatted with Chester, the chef (my Mum seems to know all the chefs in town, can’t take her anywhere!); and not wanting to leave anyone out, I also heard great things about Rebecca, their barista and chief baker of cakes -the most important role in the place I’d say!

The County Kitchen source lots of their food locally from independent producers and Chester has come from one of the top restaurants in town, so I’ve already had the pleasure of tasting his culinary delights.  

There were four of us, my parents and I, and also my Mum’s friend from London who was staying with them for the weekend. I have to thank them all as they were a food bloggers heaven, automatically ordering a different dish each.
Dad had the TCK House Breakfast; there was never any doubt Dad would order anything other than the full-English, he’s a bit of an old-fashioned man. When it arrived he was suitably chuffed at the size of it, and enjoyed every single bit of it, he even mopped up the last bits with a piece of toast (something he only usually does at home when no one’s watching).

Mum’s face lit up at her Eggs Florentine, and mine did too! It looked absolutely delicious, and apparently it was. Mum always offers to share her food, but no, not on this occasion, none of us got a look in, she was even hesitant about passing the plate over to me for a photo!

Caterina, the Londoner, ordered the Sausage Sandwich, not just any old sausage but Gloucester Old Spot. Caterina didn’t really understand the whole blogging thing and the need to take photos of the food, so she just went right ahead and took a bite. My Mum screeched at her (being an expert at it now). Everybody knows you just have to stare at the lovely food for a minute or two before you dive in, right?!  

As for me, I went for the Freshly Made Belgian Waffle which usually comes with melted chocolate or salted caramel. I chose chocolate and then went off-piste and asked for bananas and strawberries to go on top too; it’s kind of like when people order a side salad to go with their burger and chips, it makes it a healthy option, doesn’t it?! When it arrived I thought my eyes had been bigger than my belly, but the belly came up trumps and ate the lot.

Thank you to the team at The County Kitchen. I’ll be back at some point to test out Rebecca’s cakes!

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