Thursday, 16 July 2015

Coffee Break #14 The Core Blimey Clean Eating Breakfast

It’s no secret that I love food; I’m a great believer in eating to nourish one’s body. I’m not one to count calories, fat content, cut out food groups, or even try out faddy diets; for me, the word ‘diet’ is a way of life, and what with an impending wedding date less than three months away, that way of life happens to be healthy – for now.

During the week we are trying our best to eat clean, and so having read an article on The Core late at night when hunger was seriously setting in, I just knew I had to go there the following morning for a (healthy) treat.

The Core is Cheltenham’s first raw food and juice cafĂ© opened by Jay Halford. They run a number of juice programmes but also offer a raw food and drink menu packed with tasty breakfasts, lunches and snacks.

I ordered the Avocado & Poached Eggs on Seeded Nelson Toast from The Artisan Baker washed down with Cashew Nut Milk with Cacao. I love bog-standard milk, so was a little apprehensive about trying something a bit different, but now I’m looking forward to trying their other milk offerings: Almond milk, brazil nut milk and hemp milk.

Kingsley had the Calcium Kick Smoothie which has spinach, cucumber, pear, apple, celery, lime, ginger and avocado in it. It was so refreshing, and although you might think it doesn’t sound all that appetising, it really was! To munch on, he had the Nutty Bowl, consisting of muesli, cashews, vanilla, cinnamon, almonds, banana, pineapple, pecan halves, maca powder and coconut blossom nectar.

We were both super impressed with The Core and it’s really nice to know that we can still pop out for breakfast or lunch whilst sticking to the heathy eating.


  1. We are so interesting in eating clean at the moment although haven't made a start yet (I think we're too nervous to try!), every time we're in a book shop we end up flicking through various books and talking about how we're going to start.

    I was never very interested in it before but recently I've read a lot that makes sense to me and I'm sure having a better diet will help with my bloating, occasional tummy aches and feeling tired.

    I'm hoping to do a blog series all about it soon, we're going to have a week long experiment of shopping in our local farmers market and eating clean for 5 days!

    The Core looks lovely, we have something similar in Newcastle called Naked Deli and we actually visited last weekend and loved it (we were the only people there not in gym clothes though!)


    1. You really do feel so much better for it. We do it Monday to Friday and eat whatever we want on the weekends. But the more I do it, the more I get into it, unlike most healthy eating!