Saturday, 4 July 2015

Coffee Break #13 Pigging Out at The Canteen in Nailsworth

A few weeks back I declared HPJ the best coffee shop in town in this post; well I’ve now got even bigger and better news…I’ve found the best coffee shop in the county!

The Canteen is nestled away in the heart of Nailsworth in the courtyard of the old Day’s Mill, and we happened to visit on a particularly sunny day so took full advantage and sat outside.
What with it being the weekend, we were determined to pig out, and pig out we did. The menu isn’t huge, and breakfasts had just stopped being served, so we took our choice out of fresh salads and flat breads. Kingsley had the Chicken and Bacon Salad and I had the Mushroom Flat Bread.

Well, let me tell you, both dishes were exceptional. They were made with the best and freshest ingredients which made for two plates of nutritious, colourful deliciousness. The other thing I liked is that this place has jugs of water that you can help yourself to, which is great for a for a water guzzler like me. Kingsley meanwhile supped on a Lemon and Mint cordial from Five Valleys Cordials.

Having seen the huge array of cakes and sweet treats whilst ordering the healthy part of our visit, we had to sample the offerings. And this is where the pigging out part of our visit comes into play. Kingsley chose the Pecan Brownie and I went for Chocolate Cake.

The Pecan Brownie was perfectly gooey with a nutty pecan top. I was very pleased Kingsley let me have a couple of bites, because it was pretty superb! But, my Chocolate Cake…look at the size of it! I had no problem in sharing this slice of cake, because I’m pretty sure, my whole day’s allowance of calories, were in that one piece. I don’t know what sort of chocolate was harmed in the making of this cake, but it made for the best chocolate cake ever; topped with cream cheese frosting, it looked like Guinness in cake form.

You have to try this place out. You’re highly likely to bump into me, because it’s going to be hard to keep me away!


  1. Looks so so good! We were on holiday last week, staycationing in the North East and the weather was gorgeous, we had so much opportunity to eat outside but we chose indoors each time - I think we're just grumpy old people who get annoyed by flies and wasps and being too hot! What a pair of wusses!

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