Friday, 1 May 2015

Coffee Break #11 Breakfast with the Little Sister at Smokey Joe’s

I have just got home from the most wonderful morning spent with my little blister, more affectionately known as Elouise. She has achieved some great things lately what with offers from two universities and winning a business mentoring opportunity; so I thought she deserved a little treat.

We met at Smokey Joe’s which is a retro and vintage coffee bar just off Bennington Street in Cheltenham.

Smokey Joe’s is decked out with vintage collectibles, machines and furniture spanning the decades. They have a 1950s diner room and also a 1940s vintage room. We opted for the diner.

I couldn’t resist the milkshakes (a peanut butter one for me, served with gold glitter), and I practically made Elouise go for a coke float just to provide a bit of variety for the piccies! She obliged and (luckily for me) enjoyed every single sip of it.

To kick start our - completely unhealthy – day, I chose the American waffle with banana and Nutella and a huge amount of cream and Elouise went for Elvis’ Famous Sandwich: Crispy smoked bacon with sliced banana and a lathering of peanut butter!

Both our plates were scraped clean, which is testament to the fab food; although I didn’t ask for a bit of Elouise’s sarnie, it sounded a bit daring, even for me!

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