Saturday, 11 April 2015

Propping Up the Bar #2 Cocktails at Crazy Eights

We don’t really hit the town anymore, instead we go for one or two ‘civilised’ drinks; so to see in the weekend, we decided to head into Cheltenham for exactly that.

Crazy Eights is – quite literally – the den behind No 131, a favourite place of mine for lunch. It was just a touch too chilly to sit outside, but we grabbed a table for two and ordered a Huckleberry and a Crazy Eight Swizzle.

Kingsley and I have quite different tastes, and it’s very rare we both pick a cocktail that each other likes. But I couldn’t honestly choose between these two. The Swizzle had that lovely mix of sweet from the sugar and sharpness from the lime and winter bitters; the Huckleberry with gin was so fresh, it almost tasted healthy! Can cocktails be healthy? The flavour of raspberries against the black pepper was flippin’ fabulous – and a tad tingly too! The only change I would personally make would be to use cracked black pepper instead of the ground stuff.

Lovely start to the weekend!

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