Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Coffee Break #10 A Stop at Gloucester Services on the Way Back From Bristol

We popped to Bristol today to visit a tannery for a leather project that Kingsley is working on, and I got to go along as chief-photographer and sat-nav-setter. As payment for my skilled services, I requested we stop at Gloucester Services for a treat on the way home.

‘Service station for a treat?’ you say. You haven’t been to Gloucester Services yet! You won’t find fast food chains here, or even run-of-the-mill shops selling all the bog-standard stuff. They have a restaurant providing customers with freshly prepared food, a cafĂ© for those in a bit more of a hurry and wanting to grab something to take-away, and a farmshop stocking an array of treats and gifts. Much of what they prepare, cook and sell is sourced locally as they really believe in supporting the community in which they are based.

My treat was a white hot chocolate using real chocolate tabs from these guys and a double chocolate brownie, whilst Kingsley went for a latte and a slice of the ginger and lemon cake.

Yum! Have you visited Gloucester Services yet?


  1. What?!!, OMG I am so so jealous! This sounds amazing, all service stations need to do this. We were travelling lots at the weekend and our journey home yesterday took 7 hours, services like this would have really eased the pain - instead we had overcrowded services serving nothing but McDonalds :(

    1. There is one a bit nearer your neck of the words in Tebay (nearer than Gloucestershire anyhow). Sounds like you definitely needed one of these on your nightmare journey!

  2. Best service station EVER! They won a Guardian food award last year!!

    Rosie xx