Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Coffee Break #9 Feeding Time at Over Farm Market

Today’s so-called ‘coffee break’ wasn’t so much of a break; I was accompanied by two little people you see – my niece and best friend’s daughter – and thankfully, my best friend.

I had promised them an afternoon at Over Farm to see the animals, and in return all I wanted was a five minute sit-down with a hot drink and a slice of cake.

So after stomping through puddles, feeding the ponies, donkeys and goats, and staring from a safe distance at the ostriches and pigs, we were suitably chilled through and it didn’t take much to tempt everyone into the farm shop for a cake. Pink and chocolate were the two requests!

Pink was not to be, but luckily the chocolate cupcakes looked so good, we didn’t have a tantrum. Us grown-ups ordered a brownie and a pot of tea, a slice of carrot cake and a hot chocolate.  

From the chocolatey hands and faces, it was clear that the cupcakes were enjoyed, the brownie too but without the mess, and the carrot cake was the best one I’ve ever had! It was really moist with a generous helping of icing.

Now, I’m afraid I must dash as I need to get to the next coffee shop, for a break!


  1. My idea if heaven! Maybe it's cos I grew up in Norfolk but I love pottering around farms, especially when you can feed and stroke the animals. I'm always a little gutted when I can't feed the lambs cos there's too many kids and not enough bottles!

    Cake looks so good too :)

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