Sunday, 1 February 2015

Local Eat Treats #10 A Not-So Light Lunch at The Gloucester Old Spot

What with it being pay-day on Friday, we thought we’d treat ourselves to lunch out to kick start the weekend. We only wanted a light lunch because we had dinner plans already. I’m also making a conscious effort to watch what I eat, so that I can fit into my wedding dress without having to remove a rib!

We stopped off at a local favourite of mine The Gloucester Old Spot and I perused the selection of cob sandwiches. Yes, I’m not going to lie, I was ever so tempted by the beef and red wine cobbler, not to mention the fish and chips; so when Kingsley announced he was having the pork and chorizo burger served in a brioche bun, I was somewhat dismayed that he wasn’t joining in my attempt to be slightly healthy. Anyhow, I stuck to my guns and ordered the goats’ cheese, pesto and rocket cob with a handful of chips (yes, I’m quite aware chips aren’t healthy, but what choice did I have what with Kingsley ordering a burger?!).

Feeling pleased with myself for not giving into temptation, I spotted the waitress bringing our food over, and almost simultaneously, saw Kingsley’s lips take a downward turn. His burger looked amazing, but my cob was about three times the size - so much for fitting in my dress!

So, rather than eat half and feign fullness, I accepted the fact that my intentions were good all along, and that it wasn’t my fault the kitchen serve up a mean cob sarnie. So with that in mind, I ate the whole lot, and felt guilty all damn day!

Light it was not, but tasty – oh yes! Kingsley claimed that his ‘slaw was the best he’d ever had and without a doubt, mine was the best sandwich – and by far the most generous. The chips were amazeballs and even the ketchup (none of that bright red, vinegary stuff) had its food game on.

A good place to go for a not-so light lunch.  

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