Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Coffee Break #7 A Relaxing Morning at The Wilson Cafe

Bucket lists are for great and marvellous things you intend to do before you, erm…kick the proverbial bucket. On mine are things like visit Las Vegas, eat a pizza in Italy, write and publish a book, and spend a relaxing morning in a coffee shop!

It might sound silly, but to those who are time poor, it’s one of those little luxuries that always gets kicked aside for something more pressing. This has been on my bucket list, ever since my bucket list began, and I actually had to diarise it into one of my days off to make sure I did it.

I chose The Wilson Café in Cheltenham, because it’s got an upstairs; where I knew I could just hideaway with my e-reader and a couple of magazines and while the time away, without worrying the staff were giving me the evil eye for not ordering another coffee.

Kingsley came along for the breakfast, and then left me to it; he doesn’t really ‘do’ books or magazines. I went for the dippy eggs (or egg and soldiers as they were known in my childhood), and Kingsley went for the open breakfast sandwich. We washed it all down with lattes and because we couldn’t bear to wait, we also had a pain au chocolate each whilst our breakfast was being cooked! What? Well if you’re going to tick something off the bucket list you may as well do it properly!

And what a lovely morning it was. Two hours of peace and quiet.

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