Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Local Eat Treats #2 Chef’s Table at The Tavern

The Tavern is a gem of a place, in the centre of Cheltenham. About a year ago, we went in there with my family for a spontaneous drink, and after browsing through a menu, I just knew we had to try out the food.

Fast forward a few months and we found ourselves pigging out on spam fritters and blue cheese burgers, accompanied by champagne cocktails. The food was divine, but I couldn’t help but feel a hint of jealousy towards the party of four sat at the chef’s table. They were being treated to this, that and the other, they got to hear all about the food from the chef himself and they were able to watch the team at work, preparing amazing dishes for the hungry eaters. So we were delighted when my family chipped in for us to try out the chef’s table for Kingsley’s impending birthday.

So, let me share our experience of the chef’s table at The Tavern...

Armed with a Saint-Germain Fizz and a Dark and Stormy cocktail we were lead to our seats (as close to the kitchen as we could be) and introduced to the team who would be cooking for us and looking after us. Within minutes, we were served spam fritters (which are a million times better than they sound), and a very tasty devilled scotch egg.

Then came the tastiest duck I have ever tried in my life in the way of a duck, watercress and soy sesame salad. The flavours were flipping brilliant, and it was a salad which means it’s healthy, right?

Chickpea chips served with the best chilli jam were a favourite of mine, but they had a bit too much fennel for Kingsley, so I munched my way through those whilst he ate the salt and pepper squid and Asian slaw.

As if by magic, some sticky chicken wings then magically appeared. They were bloody brilliant too. Kingsley is a chicken-wing fan, so he was in his element chewing away until all that was left was a pile of bones.

We were quite full by this point, so we supped on our wine and had a bit of a breather whilst they cooked up a mac & cheese and not one, not two, but three sliders: Tuna, pulled pork and beef and red onion. In hindsight, our eyes were bigger than our bellies when we ordered those plates, and although delicious (especially the sliders), we didn’t really make a dent in any of it!

Then a little voice asked, ‘What would you like to try for dessert then?’
Now, everyone knows, even if your belly is savoury-full, there is always room for something sweet.
So we answered with, ‘Well what would you recommend?’
Cue a platter of desserts being put in front of us: Black forest sundae, chocolate pot with raspberries and honeycomb, baked peanut butter and jelly sandwich (this one was the stand-out one) and ice cream.

It’s not often that food defeats the two of us, but on this night, food won the battle! The sight and smell of even more food being cooked in front of our eyes was starting to make us queasy so we had to walk away from the desserts, pay up and move on.

We finished up the night with a drink in my favourite bar in town, John Gordon’s. That place will have a blog post all of its own soon enough.

Thanks to the chef’s and serving staff at The Tavern for a fabulous foodie night!


  1. The Tavern is lovely but...the sooner they realise that offering the mac & cheese without bacon is a crime against humanity the sooner I will be happy! They are often very obliging and add some bacon for me, but only if they have it in for something else. On those days they do have it, the mac and a side of garlic greens is one of my favourite easy eats in town. :o)

    1. Those garlic greens looked amazing! I must remember to try them next time!

  2. Incredible....we ate at the chef's table too and have side taken friend back to enjoy it with us. The best night out for foodies in Cheltenham by far!

  3. Sounds an amazing place and the foods look delicious! By the way, your hair looks beautiful! =)

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